U.S. Embassy Rabat, Morocco

U.S. Embassy Rabat, Morocco.

U.S. Embassy Rabat, Morocco.


On June 23, 1786 Morocco became one of the first nations to formally recognize the United States after it won independence from Great Britain. The United States established a consulate in Morocco in 1797 and in 1821 Sultan Moulay Suliman of Morocco provided a home for American Consuls General which currently stands as the oldest American diplomatic property in the world. Diplomatic relations were fully established in 1905 when the American consulate at Tangier was elevated to the status of a legation. Morocco become a French protectorate in 1912 but won independence from France in 1956.  At that point, the United States established an embassy in Rabat, where it has remained ever since.

Embassy Activities:

  • Sponsoring seminars, exhibits, speakers, and other programs in which Moroccans and Americans can share ideas and information on a wide variety of issues
  • Improving agriculture and the use of Morocco’s scarce water resource
  • Promoting literacy among Moroccan youth
  • Supporting local government across Morocco to bring government services to the people

Ambassador's Introduction

This video was produced by the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of International Information Programs in January 2014. It features U.S. Ambassador to Morocco Dwight Bush. He and his wife, Antoinette, are returning to the country after their honeymoon there in 1990.

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