United States Diplomacy Center

Educators' Resources for Diplomacy

Exhibition Interpretive Guides

The USDC offers interpretive guides to be used with our exhibitions. These guiding questions encourage visitors to look more closely at the images and artifacts found in the exhibit, and assist teachers or docents working from the exhibit with a group.

  • The Marshall Plan: The Vision of a Family of Nations, click here.
  • After 9/11: Messages from the World and Images of Ground Zero, click here.

Publications and Webpages

  • "Diplomacy at Work," a publication released by the Bureau of Public Affairs, June 2008.

State Department Curriculum Packages:

The State Department Office of the Historian in the Bureau of Public Affairs produces both video and curriculum packages as well as individual lesson plans on selected topics for use in U.S. classrooms. (Not available for use outside the United States).

These curriculum packages include:

  • Documents on Diplomacy: Primary Source Documents and Lessons from the World of Foreign Affairs, 1775-2011 (2011)
  • When the Border Vanishes: Diplomacy and the Threat to our Environment and Health (2010)
  • A Journey Shared: The United States and China, 200 Years of History (2008)
  • Today in Washington: the Media and Diplomacy (2006)
  • Sports and Diplomacy in the Global Arena (2005)
  • A History of Diplomacy (2004)
  • Terrorism: A War without Borders (2002)
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