United States Diplomacy Center

Education Resources

The U.S. Diplomacy Center is designed to encourage exploration of diplomacy and the work of the Department of State, the nation’s foremost and oldest cabinet agency.  The Center’s interactive exhibits and programs will invite visitors to discover how diplomacy affects every person every day.

U.S. Diplomacy Center programs aim to reach high school and college students both nationally and internationally and to broaden their understanding of the importance of diplomacy as an indispensable tool in foreign affairs.

The Center will offer a teachers’ education program with on-line resources, webcast conferences and forums; digital video conferencing that brings students and diplomats together and curriculum packages tied to standards of learning.

U.S. Diplomacy Center programs offer an ideal resource for educators who teach American and World History, Social Studies, Economics, Geography, Government and International Relations. 

Exhibit Tours
The USDC offers programs for student and family groups as well as tourists visiting the nation’s capital.  “Diplomat Docents” will serve as tour guides to explain exhibit content and share personal stories about diplomacy. 

Diplomatic Simulation Program
At the USDC, students and teachers enter a laboratory for diplomacy and the myriad roles of the Department of State.  Participating in one of the USDC’s simulations, students assume the roles of diplomats and experience the challenges and choices that role offers. Students can learn that diplomacy can bring great rewards but only with patience, persistence and compromise.

On-line Resources
Discover Diplomacy:  USDC education programs are built on the Discover Diplomacy website, which provides the primer on the Department’s work in diplomacy: Diplomacy.state.gov/discoverdiplomacy

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