Volunteering with ImpactHack

The mission of ImpactHack is to empower talent to utilize the nation’s leading data to creatively communicate new ideas. Through this virtual event, participants develop imaginative projects while they practice their skills, contribute to real-world projects, and problem-solve.

Who Participates?

100+ talented high school students, university students, and recent graduates of all skill levels, joining from throughout the United States

Who Should Volunteer?

Programmers, engineers, UX specialists, people who work in data, or anyone passionate about tech communication!

Why Volunteer?

Provide passionate and curious participants leadership, encouragement, and pride in their work


How do I Volunteer?

In two scheduled virtual events, volunteers will work directly with participants to provide code reviews, answer questions, give constructive suggestions, and, most importantly, send encouragement!

Volunteers also have the option to interact with participants on a rolling basis through the event.

What is my time commitment?

Whatever you are willing to give! Anywhere from two to 15 hours.

How do I sign up?

Email NMAD@state.gov and we will get you connected!