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Who We Are: Children of Diplomats

The State Department’s diplomatic work abroad is not only the work of Foreign Service Officers. Foreign Service family members, including children, often play a role in America’s diplomacy. Here are some of their stories and observations on their unique lifestyle:

Meet the children of diplomats overseas

For more on the lives of children of America’s diplomats:
Our Youngest Diplomats, by Wendy Saunders, State Magazine, May 2007 
Read about a unique after school program for students at an American international school in Beijing, China, which aims to incorporate aspects of American culture that the children would experience if attending a school in the United States.

A Kids'-Eye View of the World: When a Parent Is With the U.S. Foreign Service, Traveling Is Part of the Plan Tuesday, November 28, 2006
Margaret Webb Pressler reports on the unique experiences of Foreign Service kids now living in the Washington, DC area, for the Washington Post “KidsPost” page.

The Foreign Service Youth Foundation (FSYF) was established in 1989 to coordinate the Department of State efforts to assist Foreign Service youth. Check out the FSYF’s recommendations on resources and publications for kids, families and educators about growing up around the world when a parents’ job takes the family abroad.

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