Exhibits & Collections

Signature Segment of the Berlin Wall

Standing as a symbol of diplomacy and strong transatlantic relations, a segment of the Berlin Wall - now on view in the pavilion of the Center - was signed by 27 world leaders who played a significant role in bringing down the wall and advancing German reunification. Explore its history!

Creating Faces of Diplomacy

The United States Diplomacy Center collaborated with National Museum of American History Spark!Lab to user-test the traveling exhibit, Faces of Diplomacy. The Faces of Diplomacy exhibit introduces American diplomats through videos and lifesize portraits with the objective of creating pride, appreciation and identification with the diplomats.  Get behind the scenes!

Our 7,500 Artifacts

New acquisitions to the collection this year include a humidor from Cuba, a clutch used by the first female Diplomatic Security agent, a large weapon called a MANPADS, and fake eyeglasses worn by one of the "Canadian Six." Check out the highlights!

The United States Great Seal

The Great Seal of the United States is a unique symbol of our country and national identity. Only one authorized Great Seal is in official use and is operated by the U.S. Department of State. The Great Seal is impressed upon official documents such as treaties and commissions.  Discover more!