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A Century of Service – US Diplomatic Courier Services turns 100

The United States Diplomacy Center is honored to celebrate the centennial anniversary of The Diplomatic Courier Service with a new exhibit, “100 Years of Diplomatic Couriers—None Swifter than These,”. On display from Oct 31st 2018 thru February 3rd 2019.

The exhibits will feature items used throughout the history of the DCS and how that mission has evolved over the years to keep ahead of evolving threats of espionage, terror, and even bad weather. Visitors will also see bugging devices, such as the one found in the Great Seal of the United States at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow which resulted in a shift in the diplomatic courier mission—from carrying confidential messages, to also transporting construction and other materials for secure areas in U.S. embassies. See the actual Great Seal and other recovered bugging devices on display.

This year, the United States Diplomacy Center hosted a range of guest exhibits including Faces of Diplomacy featuring the Diplomacy Center’s original portraits and videos of diplomatic professionals, a photo exhibit on Afghanistan Cultural Preservation and Jazz Diplomacy, an exhibit from Meridian which drew from collections around the United States showcasing jazz’s ability to bridge cultural and political differences.

See below for the complete list of our exhibits and programs.

Two visitors observe an exhibit on Nuclear Arms

Exhibit Testing

The United States Diplomacy Center tested content and visitor knowledge on American diplomacy with almost 500 visitors on its second annual testing with the National Museum of American History. Museum visitors viewed four historical and current stories of American diplomacy and were invited to participate in a word association exercise.

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Speed Mentoring
Speed Mentoring 150 150

Speed Mentoring In honor of International Women’s History Month, the Diplomacy Center organized a speed mentorship event for State Department interns, offering them a unique opportunity to network with Foreign Service and Civil Service female leaders at the State Department representing diverse ranks, cones, and backgrounds. The event was organized in cooperation with the Office…

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A Legacy Remembered: Perspectives of the Marshall Plan
A Legacy Remembered: Perspectives of the Marshall Plan 150 150

On April 3, in cooperation with the George C. Marshall Foundation, the United States Diplomacy Center held an event recognizing the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the European Recovery Program, more commonly known as the Marshall Plan.  125 guests attended, including Marshall Foundation and Diplomacy Center Foundation Board members, academics, and Department of State…

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50th Anniversary of the Tet Offensive
50th Anniversary of the Tet Offensive 150 150

To commemorate the recent 50th anniversary of the Tet Offensive in Vietnam, the United States Diplomacy Center hosted a panel of eye witnesses — including retired diplomats and a former journalist — as well as a military historian to take us back to the night of the attack. Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs…

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Panel: The First African American Diplomats
Panel: The First African American Diplomats 150 150

In commemoration of African American History Month, the Center hosted a program highlighting the little known diplomatic careers of Ebenezer Bassett and Frederick Douglass.  The program was held on February 14th in honor of the bicentennial of Douglass’s birth.  Both of these men served as U.S. Ministers — an early title equivalent to Ambassador —…

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A Window into American Soft Power in Rural Vietnam
A Window into American Soft Power in Rural Vietnam 150 150

The United States Diplomacy Center was pleased to host an event featuring up-close and personal stories of diplomacy on October 18: A Window into American Soft Power in Rural Vietnam, 1962-1964. We were joined by retired Foreign Service Officer Robert Warne, his spouse Susanna (Suzy), and retired United States Government official, Rufus Phillips. Phillips is…

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Berlin Wall, Simulation, Diplomacy Center
Exhibit Spotlight

The Great Seal

Only one authorized Great Seal is in official use and is operated by the U.S. Department of State at the United States Diplomacy Center. The Great Seal is impressed upon 3,000 seals to official documents yearly.

Exhibit Spotlight

The Signature Segment

Once the Berlin Wall was the iconic symbol of the Cold War. Now, with its signatures of world leaders who played a significant role in bringing down the wall and advancing German reunification, this segment now stands as a symbol of diplomacy and strong transatlantic relations.

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