My Diplomacy Story

Celebrate your connection to diplomacy
My Diplomacy Story is an interactive exhibit featuring real stories of American diplomacy that reflect our own lives and experiences and capture the diversity, vibrancy, and humanity inherent to the practice.

Read stories from others and discover how diplomacy has shaped both our history and our day-to-day lives.

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Waving the Magic Wand

“So I went and got a U.S. flag lapel pin, and instead of going back to my desk, I went out into the lobby, knelt down and put the little flag pin on the little boy’s shirt and said, “Sweetheart, we’re not going to give you a visa; we’re going to give you a passport. You are a U.S. citizen.”

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Becoming a Bridge

“I would speak English to my father and Spanish to my mother. I remember being my mom’s translator when she’d meet with my elementary and middle school teachers. Speaking two languages was like being a bridge between two worlds.”

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The Last Three Feet

“Some of my other favorite experiences are from when I was working in Manila in the Philippines. I was really on the ground and participating in cultural programs, so it was just a lot of fun.”

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We want to tell your story, too. Each story we tell helps others around the world see themselves reflected in diplomatic history while helping us come closer to presenting a comprehensive view of the people who have shaped our shared history.