Overview of Simulations

The United States Diplomacy Center’s education programs immerse students in the world of American diplomacy and the critical work of the United States Department of State. At the heart of the Center’s education programs are our diplomacy simulations. These are hands-on exercises that allow students and teachers to experience what it is like to be a diplomat while grappling with complex foreign affairs topics.

The goal is for participants to work together, as opposing countries with competing interests, to negotiate common ground, and propose solutions. The simulations are aimed at helping students develop decision-making, problem solving, and negotiation skills, while providing insight into vital foreign affairs topics.

Diplomacy simulation programs include:Date: 10/2017 Description: Diplomacy students discuss plans - State Dept Image

  • Printed materials
  • On-site training
  • Digital Video Conferencing

The United States Diplomacy Center also trains teachers to run the simulations in the classroom.

Currently available simulation exercises:

  • Freshwater Crisis: Energy Security and Economic Growth
  • International Migration Crisis: Human Rights and Border Security
  • International Nuclear Crisis: Non-Proliferation and National Sovereignty
  • Global Counterfeit Trade: The High Cost of Cheap Goods
  • Crisis in the Oceans: Sustaining Fisheries in International Waters
  • International Wildlife Trafficking: Plight of the Pangolins
  • HIV/AIDS Crisis: Global Health and Development
  • Peacebuilding: The Challenge of Darfur

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