Historical Spotlights

Through social media and website postings, the United States Diplomacy Center commemorates select historical events as well as national and international "days" that relate to its collection and mission. Dive deeper into these turning points in America's diplomatic history that shaped the United States and the world.

Jass Appreciation Month

In honor of Jazz Appreciation Month, we hosted a performance and a panel discussion of Cold War “jazz diplomacy” and the continuing role of cultural diplomacy programs.  

African American Pioneers

Explore some of the many stories of African American diplomats who made a particularly powerful impact.

Dayton Peace Accords

Utilizing a dual method of what he defined as “lock-up” and “step-by-step” diplomacy, Holbrooke negotiated peace in Bosnia. 

Camp David Accords

These unprecedented1978 talks between Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, fascilitated by President Jimmy Carter, led to the end of war between Egypt and Israel, continued to this day.

Embassy Asylum

Learn about Cardinal Jozsef Mindszenty was the highest Catholic official in Hungary in the mid-20th century, and a vociferous opponent of communism and how he escaped persecution.