Stories of Diplomacy

The United States Diplomacy Center tells the stories of diplomacy through a variety of means.  Through public events, diplomacy simulations, retrospective looks back at "this day in diplomatic history," and exploring the history related to its collections, the Center explains how American diplomacy throughout history has supported U.S. security, prosperity, and global leadership.

Objects of Diplomacy

With over 7,500 artifacts in its collection, the United States Diplomacy Center draws upon them to relate  bring little known stories of diplomacy to life.

Diplomacy Moments

Through social media and website postings, the United States Diplomacy Center commemorates select historical events as well as national and international "days" that relate to its collection and mission.

Public Programs

The United States Diplomacy Center, once fully open, plans to offer robust programming.  In the meantime, it frequently welcomes high school and college students for its diplomacy simulations and offers occasional public events by invitation. The most recent public event, A Window into American Soft Power in Rural Vietnam, was hosted in the Center featuring retired Foreign Service Officer Robert Warne, his spouse Susanna (Suzy), and retired United States Government official, Rufus Phillips.