glifaa: LGBT+ Pride in Foreign Affairs Agencies

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gliffa logo: lgbt+ pride in foreign affairsglifaa–then known as Gays and Lesbians in Foreign Affairs Agencies (then GLIFAA) was born in the living room of David Buss and David Larson on March 8, 1992, over brunch. The need for creating an employee organization was firmly established at this first meeting.

Although there has been great progress in terms of achieving equality for LGBT+ employees, obstacles remain. In 2020, the glifaa executive board identified five priorities:

David Buss and David Larson in Seychelles, circa 1987 upon becoming a couple.

David Buss and David Larson in Seychelles, circa 1987 upon becoming a couple.

Protecting LGBT+ Foreign Affairs Employees from Discrimination. As an employee affinity group for LGBT+ employees, glifaa has no higher purpose than to protect its members from the threat of discriminatory treatment at work.

Promoting Accreditation of Same-Sex Spouses. glifaa members want to keep their families together without being forced to sacrifice their ability to advance in their careers. This can only happen when all posts and positions are open and safe for LGBT+ families.

Advocating for Trans* Employees and EFMs. Trans* employees and EFMs face uncertainty and hardship that impedes their or their family members’ ability to do their jobs. glifaa seeks to advance policies that provide clear protections for transgender, gender diverse, and intersex employees and their dependents.

Expanding Front Office Advocacy. glifaa’s many successes would not have been possible without the help of powerful allies within the Department. glifaa aims to harness the power of these allies to support our goals and amplify our message.

Strengthen glifaa as an Organization. For nearly three decades, glifaa’s advocacy has helped cultivate a better working environment for LGBT+ employees. Much work remains.