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ImpactHack2020 Submissions Open: July 15 – Aug 21st

What is ImpactHack?

ImpactHack is a creativity and computer coding event that brings together developers, designers, project managers, and museum experts to enhance the public’s understanding of American diplomacy and international relations through hands-on experiences. This year, the event is entirely virtual and takes place over the course of six weeks.

Why Participate?

  • Develop skills while working on real-world projects
  • Get connected with topic experts and technology mentors
  • Flex your creativity for social good
  • Meet other similarly-driven individuals
  • And, of course… prizes!

Note: Participants can still sign up after July 15th.

ImpactHack2020 Schedule

July 15th: Projects Released

July 29th: Q/A with Experts

August 5th: Feedback with Museum

August 21: Projects Due

August 26th: Winners Selected

September 15th: Virtual Award Ceremony

ImpactHack2020 Project Prompts

Rules and Guidelines | Judging Criteria

digital earth map

ImpactHack Project #1: Interactive World Map

The U.S. has a 24/7 diplomatic presence around the world at embassies, consulates, and missions. Diplomats are working around the world on a variety of vital issues to advance U.S. security and national interests. Develop an interactive world map that explores where, when, and why diplomacy happens and the topics addressed by multilateral efforts.

Read the full project prompt.

ImpactHack Project #2: Creating a Diverse Diplomatic Corps

Many young Americans do not think they can become a part of the diplomatic service. In reality there are many backgrounds and skill sets that can lead to a career in diplomacy. Create an interactive where users can match their skills and interests to careers in diplomacy. Help a diverse set of users see how they might have a career in diplomacy.

Read the full project prompt.

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