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Diplomacy is Our Mission

Diplomacy Is Our Mission tells the often surprising story of how diplomacy has shaped our nation. This exhibit is a preview of the stories and artifacts to be featured in the completed National Museum of American Diplomacy.

Diplomacy Is Our Mission is about a shared commitment to service. It is about the people who have dedicated their lives to protect and strengthen our country by pursuing our national interests of security, prosperity, democracy and development abroad. From the founding of our nation to the global challenges of today, our diplomats and staff have built beneficial bridges of cooperation and understanding around the world. 

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Faces of Diplomacy

Faces of Diplomacy brings to life the work of diplomats. From Public Affairs Officers to IT Specialists, their stories illustrate the wide range of skills and functions required in the conduct of American diplomacy.

Discover the experiences of diplomats around the world through this online exhibit.
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Exhibit Spotlight

The Great Seal

Only one authorized Great Seal is in official use and is operated by the U.S. Department of State at the National Museum of American Diplomacy. The Great Seal is impressed upon 3,000 seals to official documents yearly.

Exhibit Spotlight

The Signature Segment

Once the Berlin Wall was the iconic symbol of the Cold War. Now, with its signatures of world leaders who played a significant role in bringing down the wall and advancing German reunification, this segment now stands as a symbol of diplomacy and strong transatlantic relations.

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