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A museum for the untold stories shaping our lives and changing our world

The United States Diplomacy Center museum will be the nation’s first museum dedicated to telling the story of American diplomacy. It will focus on diplomacy’s role in the peaceful promotion of our national security, prosperity, and global leadership. Visitors can explore what diplomacy is, who does it, and how it has impacted American lives throughout history.

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Upcoming Events

Experience firsthand stories from topic experts, historians, diplomats on the ground, and global influencers, or practice American diplomacy yourself through our participatory programs, held in our historic pavilion.

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Our Collection

Nowhere else does a museum collection exist that is solely dedicated to our nation’s diplomatic history. Explore how diplomacy has played a vital role in our nation’s history, from its founding to today.

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Introduce students to the world of American diplomacy exploring how, where, and why diplomacy is conducted, understanding its history, and practicing the skills of diplomats through simulations.

Dive Deeper into the World of American Diplomacy

Diplomacy 101

Get an introduction to what U.S. diplomacy is and who conducts it.

Diplomacy Explorer

Learn how the United States operates around the world by exploring our embassies and topics abroad.

Educational Resources

Facilitate understanding and critical thinking of these complex topics with prompts, lesson plans, and a diplomacy dictionary.

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What’s happening at the United States Diplomacy Center?

The United States Diplomacy Center museum’s permanent installation is currently under development. In the interim, the museum hosts programs with first-hand accounts of American diplomacy, features unique exhibits in partnerships with other museums, non-profits, and Department of State offices, and develops video and educational content of the amazing stories happening today.

This month's video spotlight

A chat with the first female Diplomatic Security Special Agent

Patricia “Patti” Morton became the first female Diplomatic Security (DS) Special Agent in 1972. She has donated items from her time of service to the United States Diplomacy Center and speaks about her experience to our Director Mary Kane.

Recent Programs

The United States Diplomacy Center offers first-hand stories of American diplomacy. See our most recent programs featuring diplomats, foreign policy experts, historians and other people from the ground in our Pavilion’s lower level.

Secretary Pompeo Commemorates anniversary of September 11, 2001
Secretary Pompeo Commemorates anniversary of September 11, 2001 1024 683

It’s been 18 years since the September 11 attacks left nearly 3,000 people dead in the worst act of terrorism the nation has ever experienced. Marking the 18th anniversary, Secretary of State Michael Pompeo visited the U.S. Diplomacy Center’s September 11 exhibit to remember those we lost on that tragic day, but to also highlight…

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Lasting Impact in Diplomacy Education with Teacher Institute
Lasting Impact in Diplomacy Education with Teacher Institute 1024 564

July 15-19, 2019, the Diplomacy Center partnered with the State Department’s Diplomatic Reception Rooms to conduct its first annual Teacher Institute for 25 middle and high school teachers. From the almost 100 teachers who applied, 25 public school teachers from Arkansas, Montgomery County, M.D., Fairfax County, V.A. and the District of Columbia were selected to…

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Mike Collins listens to two other people speak on a stage
Space Diplomacy: Apollo 11 astronauts Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin visit the Diplomacy Center
Space Diplomacy: Apollo 11 astronauts Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin visit the Diplomacy Center 1024 683

On July 18, 2019, the Diplomacy Center co-hosted a panel on “Space Diplomacy” with Apollo 11 astronauts Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin. The event focused on the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing and subsequent diplomatic efforts by the American astronauts The event featured Major General Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin, two members…

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Stories from the Collection

Artifacts are powerful storytelling tools which will shed light on the work and history of our nation’s diplomats that may otherwise go unnoticed by the general public. At over 8,000 items, the collection reflects a wide range of people, places, and issues that make up our nation’s rich diplomatic history. Here is a spotlight on a few of the stories the items in our collection tell.

White empty new storage facility with racks
New collection storage facility completed
New collection storage facility completed 1024 768

The Diplomacy Center’s collection has a new home following completion of a custom designed 2,00  square foot museum storage space. This new space represents a significant upgrade in storage capacity, access, and preservation capabilities for the Center’s unique 8,500+ item collection —  and the only museum collection in the nation focused on preserving our diplomatic…

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Chronicle of Freedom
Chronicle of Freedom 150 150

This original August 3, 1789 issue of The Independent Gazetteer or the Chronicle of Freedom provides notice of and complete text of the July 27, 1789 act establishing the Department of Foreign Affairs. This legislation enacted what is the core law for the Department of State today. The original Department of Foreign Affairs (with the…

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A diplomatic crisis
A diplomatic crisis 150 150

Fake eyeglassesIssued to Kathleen Stafford as part of her disguise to escape Tehran 1980 The Iran Hostage crisis ranks as one of the most traumatic diplomatic crises in U.S. history. In the wake of a successful revolution by Islamic fundamentalists against the pro-American Shah of Iran, the United States became an object of virulent criticism…

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