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Through programs exhibits and artifacts we educate and inspire our visitors about the history practice and challenges of diplomacy and honor our Nation’s diplomats.

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Hear stories from topic experts, historians and diplomats on the ground.

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Our Collection

Nowhere else does a museum collection exist that is solely dedicated to our nation’s diplomatic history.

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Immerse students in the world of American diplomacy

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Signature Segment of the Berlin Wall

Once the Berlin Wall was the iconic symbol of the Cold War. Now, with its signatures of world leaders who played a significant role in bringing down the wall and advancing German reunification, this segment now stands as a symbol of diplomacy and strong transatlantic relations.

Recent Programs

The United States Diplomacy Center offers first-hand stories of American diplomacy. See our most recent programs with featuring diplomats, foreign policy experts, historians and other people from the ground in our Pavilion’s lower level.

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A Century of Service – US Diplomatic Courier Services turns 100
A Century of Service – US Diplomatic Courier Services turns 100 640 427

The United States Diplomacy Center is honored to celebrate the centennial anniversary of the Diplomatic Courier Service with a new exhibit, “100 Years of Diplomatic Couriers—None Swifter than These,” on display from Oct 31, 2018 through February 3, 2019. In 1918, General John J. “Black Jack” Pershing authorized U.S. Army Major Amos J. Peaslee to…

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American and German flags with text WunderBar together over it
Wunderbar Together: A Year-Long Celebration of German-American Friendship
Wunderbar Together: A Year-Long Celebration of German-American Friendship 1 1

In October, Germany kicked off Wunderbar Together, a major, year-long initiative to celebrate the Year of German-American Friendship (“Deutschlandjahr USA”). An initiative of the German Federal Foreign Office, implemented by the Goethe-Institut, and with support from the Federation of German Industries (BDI), Wunderbar Together showcased the transatlantic partnership, highlighting areas of German-American cooperation in business,…

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Diplomacy Center exhibit cases of Nuclear Arms including flags, artifacts, and information
Spotlight On: Nuclear Risk Reduction
Spotlight On: Nuclear Risk Reduction 1024 768

In October 2018, the United States Diplomacy Center hosted a spotlight on the Nuclear Risk Reduction Center. These included several of our artifacts, including: Cruise missile wing tip mounted to plaque Gift from the INF Delegation This wing tip was once part of a ground launched cruise missile which was eliminated at Davis Monthan Air Force Base,…

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Photo exhibit in the Diplomacy Center pavilion
Afghanistan’s Heritage: Restoring Spirit and Stone
Afghanistan’s Heritage: Restoring Spirit and Stone 1 1

The United States Diplomacy Center is pleased to host the Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs’ photo exhibition Afghanistan’s Heritage: Restoring Spirit and Stone from October 9th through October 29th.  The 37 images are from the U.S. Embassy Kabul commissioned photobook of the same name, showcasing historic sites, monuments, and cultural institutions that have benefited from the Embassy’s…

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Women present their project at ImpactHack
ImpactHack 2018
ImpactHack 2018 640 427

Visualizing Diplomacy, Development, and the Environment On September 21 and 22, 2018, the United States Diplomacy Center and World Resources Institute partnered to host ImpactHack, a data visualization hackathon in Washington D.C. Sixteen teams competed to demonstrate diplomacy’s impact, from local state economies to global issues, using their coding and design skills. Amazon Web Services…

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These are a few objects of condolence sent from around the world including South Africa and Australia.
Honoring the Victims of September 11, 2001
Honoring the Victims of September 11, 2001 1024 676

On September 10, Secretary Pompeo visited the U.S. Diplomacy Center’s September 11 exhibit remembering the lives that were taken during the terrorist attacks and the survivors and first responders with lasting injuries or health complications. The exhibit features displays of condolence material from its collection that represents the outpouring of support felt worldwide after the…

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#AskACurator 150 150

Ever wonder what kind objects we use to tell the story of American diplomacy at the U.S. Diplomacy Center? Don’t wonder, ask our curator! For the first time in our museum’s history, we’ll be answering your questions about our collection. Between 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM EDT on September 12, 2018, tweet us questions about…

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Exhibit Testing
Exhibit Testing 150 150

On July 31, 2018, the United States Diplomacy Center made its second visit to the National Museum of American History’s Spark!Lab to test content for its future exhibits. Museum visitors viewed four historical and current stories of American diplomacy and were invited to participate in a word association exercise. Over 500 visitors walked through exhibit…

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Faces of Diplomacy Preview Exhibit
Faces of Diplomacy Preview Exhibit 150 150

From July 23rd through August 31st, the United States Diplomacy Center hosted a preview of the exhibit Faces of Diplomacy in the Pavilion at the 21st Street entrance of HST. Faces of Diplomacy features portraits and videos of diplomatic professionals working abroad and in Washington D.C. From Public Affairs Officers to Information Management Specialists, to…

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Remembrance, Reflection, Resilience
Remembrance, Reflection, Resilience 150 150

Remembrance, Reflection, Resilience Twenty years ago on a summer morning, two U.S. embassies in Africa fell victim to coordinated and nearly simultaneous truck bombs – later linked to the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda. Fifty-six U.S. government employees, contractors, and family members were killed. From the ashes, countless survivors pulled together and rebuilt strengthened and resilient communities.…

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