Date: 10/2017 Description: Foreign Service Officer, Robert Warne, engages Vietnamese villagers on economics.  © US State Department

Stories of Diplomacy: Up Close and Personal

On October 18th, the Center hosted a personal stories event of diplomats in 1960s rural Vietnam. Retired Foreign Service Officer Robert Warne, his spouse Susanna, and Rufus Phillips, an expert advisor to the Kennedy administration and initiator of the Rural Affairs Program, shared their stories of countering communist influence through improving living conditions, education, and building close relationships with the locals. Read More>>

Date: 09/2017 Description: Piece of Berlin Wall going into USDC - State Dept Image

Berlin Wall

Once the Berlin Wall was the iconic symbol of the Cold War. Now, with its signatures of world leaders who played a significant role in bringing down the wall and advancing German reunification, this segment now stands as a symbol of diplomacy and strong transatlantic relations. Read More»

Date: 10/2017 Description: Students discuss simulation - State Dept Image

Education Programs

The U.S. Diplomacy Center’s open access Diplomatic Simulations Program exposes students to diplomacy both as a concept and a practical set of 21st century skills that can be applied to global issues. Working in teams, students build rapport with others, present clear arguments, negotiate, find common ground, and compromise to develop solutions to diverse challenges such as international migration, environmental sustainability, global health, and many others. Read More»