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Located in the heart of Washington, DC, the National Museum of American Diplomacy tells the story of the history, practice, and challenges of American diplomacy.

Through exhibitions and programs, NMAD inspires the American public to discover diplomacy and how it impacts their lives every day.

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Explore the vivid history of American diplomacy through our searchable collections database featuring a selection of items.

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Diplomacy Decision Points

If you were a diplomat, how would you respond to a crisis? What skills of diplomacy would you draw from?

In our online interactive experience, Diplomacy Decision Points, users get the chance to play the role of a diplomat and practice their diplomacy skills.

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Equip students with the diplomatic skills and knowledge required to tackle complex challenges using our teacher resources.

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What does it mean to live a life of foreign service and what impact can a diplomat make? Explore the stories of ambassadors, influential civilians, key diplomatic players, treaty negotiators, and more.