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The National Museum of American Diplomacy’s education programs equip students to tackle the 21st-century challenges facing our world today. They reveal the complexity of international issues and the role the U.S. State Department and diplomacy play in protecting the security and prosperity of Americans
at home and abroad.

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Find diplomacy simulations, activities, and videos about diplomacy that have been created for your students. From U.S. and world history, to economics, geography, and government, our materials help you illustrate core concepts, augment existing lesson plans, and immerse your students in real world events.

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Diplomacy Decision Points: Crisis After the Hurricane

If you were a diplomat, how would you respond to a crisis? What skills of diplomacy would you draw from? In our new online interactive game, Diplomacy Decision Points, users get the chance to play the role of a diplomat and practice their diplomacy skills.

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Immerse Your Students in the World of Diplomacy with Simulations

NMAD’s diplomacy simulations immerse participants of all ages in skill-building role-play simulations based on real-world scenarios developed by diplomats and historians. By stepping into the shoes of a diplomat, participants practice collaboration and communication with their counterparts.

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Featured Simulation: Barbary Pirates
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Teacher Professional Development Opportunities

NMAD’s in-person and virtual professional development programs provide educators with engaging ways to integrate the history, practice, and skills of diplomacy into their teaching. Help your students gain the 21st century knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will equip them to tackle the challenges facing our world today.

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Diplomatic Encyclopedia

Use this reference tool to explore the people, places, and practices of diplomacy. You can find facts, figures, and basic terms that will give you the vocabulary of a U.S. diplomat.

Diplomacy is service, wisdom, consensus, and compromise.

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