The Orientation Theater

Diplomacy furthers our national interests, shapes our nation’s history, and benefits every American. Broad in scope, diplomacy is practiced by specialized professionals and by citizen diplomats just like you. In this theater, a brief film will introduce, through images and dramatic film footage, the meaning, purpose, importance, and impact of diplomacy.

rendering of the orientation theater
Rendering of the Orientation Theater. Courtesy of the National Museum of American Diplomacy.

Diplomacy is Relationships

Our bilateral relationships are the foundation of U.S. diplomacy. Each relationship is unique. Each is important to furthering American interests and values. Through this display and interactive kiosk, visitors will explore our diplomatic relations worldwide.

rendering of diplomacy is relationships exhibit
Rendering of Diplomacy is Relationships. Courtesy of the National Museum of American Diplomacy.

Diplomacy Is Our Mission

Diplomats serve our nation through their efforts to ensure security, increase prosperity, promote democracy, and sustain development efforts worldwide. In this exhibit, visitors will explore the global issues central to modern diplomacy.

rendering of diplomacy is our mission exhibit
Rendering of Diplomacy Is Our Mission. Courtesy of the National Museum of American Diplomacy.

The Spokesperson’s Podium

The Spokesperson’s Podium offers visitors the rare opportunity to “be the spokesperson” at a Department of State press briefing. In addition to reinforcing the importance of information exchange to diplomacy, the exhibit allows visitors to take pictures inside the museum and share them on social media.

rendering of the spokesperson's podium
Rendering of the Spokesperson’s Podium. Courtesy of the National Museum of American Diplomacy.
Hall 2 History of American Diplomacy

The History of American Diplomacy

In this hall, visitors will see that diplomacy has been integral to the security, prosperity, development, and democratic institutions of the United States and its people since its founding. As they explore over 200 years of diplomatic history, visitors will see engaging objects and learn more about the work and contributions of our nation’s diplomats.
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