You are a Diplomat

A student at Temple University in Philadelphia, prepares to study abroad in Italy.

Did you know that if you:

  • Work on an issue of international importance;
  • Travel on an international service project;
  • Host people from other countries in your home, workplace, school or community;
  • Have a passport…

You are a citizen diplomat!

The Department of State is not the only organization involved in the world of diplomacy. There are many ways individuals can become a part of international relations as well.

What is citizen diplomacy?

Citizen Diplomacy is the concept that the individual has the right to help shape U.S. foreign relations “one handshake at a time.” Citizen diplomats can be students, teachers, athletes, artists, business people, humanitarians, adventurers or tourists. They are motivated by a desire to engage with the rest of the world in a meaningful, mutually beneficial dialogue.

Be a citizen diplomat!

Learn a language, get a passport, and go overseas

By traveling overseas, you are like a diplomat. You represent your country. Your behaviors and interactions offer impressions of what your home country is like.

Read the newspaper

Become informed about the world and what’s happening in it. The relations between countries encompass political trends, economic ties, cultural exchanges, and visitors crossing borders.

Write your congress person or contact the Department of State

Is there an international issue that you feel strongly about? Do you agree with your country’s handling of the issue? If not, write your your Representative or Senators. Or share your thoughts by contacting the Department of State. You can also join a non-governmental organization that promotes an international cause you believe in.

Immerse yourself in another language and culture and become an exchange student.

Become a foreign service officer

Any high school graduate at least 20 years of age is eligible to become a Foreign Service Officer. But first, you must pass the Foreign Service Officer Test.

Diplomacy 101

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