U.S. Embassy Harare, Zimbabwe

The United Kingdom formally granted independence to Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) in 1980, following years of conflict between minority white governments and majority black insurgent movements. The United States was the first nation to open an embassy in the country in 1980, and it pledged assistance toward Zimbabwe’s economic development.

In FY 2021, the United States provided over $317 million in bilateral assistance to support democracy and governance, agriculture, and health programming. In addition, the United States provided $51 million in FY 2021 in humanitarian assistance to Zimbabwe. Since 2002, U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) assistance has supported the people of Zimbabwe to strengthen health services, increase food security, support economic growth, and promote democratic governance. Notwithstanding ongoing anti-democratic and repressive practices by the Government of Zimbabwe which continue to affect the bilateral relationship, the United States remains the largest provider of health and humanitarian assistance, including through the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), food assistance and disaster relief, to the people of Zimbabwe.

The United States maintains a thriving series of educational and cultural exchange programs with Zimbabwe that focus on deepening ties between American and Zimbabwean professionals and leaders, particularly among academics, researchers, journalists, entrepreneurs, and emerging leaders. We leverage tools like Fulbright Scholars, grants, and Education USA to establish university partnerships that will increase U.S.-Zimbabwe research collaboration and expand professional networks on shared priorities. Zimbabweans prize U.S. tertiary education above all others – with over 1,300 enrolling in American universities each year. Education USA enables us to invest in Zimbabwe’s future leaders and deepen their ties to the United States and its values.

Today the U.S. embassy is in Harare.

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United States Department of State, Office of the Historian and Bureau of African Affairs.

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U.S. Embassy in Zimbabwe