U.S. Embassy Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The United States established diplomatic relations with Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1992 following its independence from Yugoslavia. A period of conflict followed among Bosnia’s Muslims, Croats, and Serbs over control of the former Yugoslav republic’s territory. The 1992-95 war in Bosnia and Herzegovina was ended with the crucial participation of the United States in brokering the 1995 Dayton Peace Agreement. After leading the diplomatic and military effort to secure the Dayton accords, the United States has continued to lead the effort to ensure its implementation. The United States maintains command of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) headquarters in Sarajevo. It also has donated hundreds of millions of dollars to help with reconstruction, humanitarian assistance, economic development, and military reconstruction in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The United States supports Bosnia and Herzegovina on its path toward full integration into Euro-Atlantic institutions. The country’s progress toward Euro-Atlantic structures–and the democratic, economic, and security commitments that this entails–are essential to the broader stability of the western Balkans. Bosnia and Herzegovina is working toward activation of its Membership Action Plan with NATO. Bosnia and Herzegovina has a Stabilization and Association Agreement with the European Union, and submitted an application for European Union candidacy in 2016. U.S. Government assistance to Bosnia and Herzegovina aims to fully anchor the country in European and Euro-Atlantic institutions, strengthen multi-ethnic democratic institutions and civil society, and support strong State-level judiciary and law enforcement sectors, and increase prosperity and attractiveness to foreign investors. Today, the U.S. embassy is in Sarajevo. For more information on our relationship with Bosnia and Herzegovina, please click here.

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