U.S. Embassy Suva, Fiji

The United States established diplomatic relations with Fiji in 1971 following its independence from the United Kingdom. The two countries share a multi-ethnic heritage and cooperate on environmental and development issues as well as international peacekeeping operations. The U.S. Peace Corps is active in Fiji, working with communities on projects in youth development. Today, the U.S. embassy in Suva also serves Kiribati, Nauru, Tuvalu, and Tonga. The United States has been among Fiji’s principal trading partners. The main products imported to the United States from Fiji include bottled water, tuna, and sugar. U.S. exports to Fiji are mainly machinery, transport equipment, and food. Fiji and the United States do not have a bilateral investment agreement. Tourism and remittances, including from the United States, contribute significantly to the Fijian economy. For more information on the ambassador and the U.S. relationship with the country, click here.

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United States, Department of State, Office of the Historian and Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs

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