U.S. Embassy Tunis, Tunisia

The United States has maintained official representation in Tunis almost continuously since 1795 and signed a Treaty of Peace and Friendship with Tunisia in 1797. The United States was the first major power to recognize Tunisian sovereignty and established diplomatic relations with Tunisia in 1956 following its independence from France.

In 2011, a popular revolution began a process of democratic transition that is still underway. A Constituent Assembly charged with drafting a new constitution was elected in October 2011 in elections that were considered to be free and fair.

Tunisia is a strong partner of the United States and the U.S. government is proud to support Tunisia in its transition to democracy. In this effort, one of the United States’ priorities is to help Tunisia provide a secure environment conducive to the development of democratic institutions and practices and to inclusive economic growth. The United States also supports Tunisia as it lays the foundation for political stability and economic prosperity, including efforts to strengthen civil society, empower youth, support economic reform, and create jobs.

Since the January 2011 revolution, the United States has committed more than $1.4 billion to support Tunisia’s transition. U.S. assistance to Tunisia focuses on an array of targeted areas that include ensuring and enhancing internal and external security, promoting democratic practices and good governance, and supporting sustainable economic growth.

The United States strongly believes that private sector growth and economic opportunity are keys to Tunisia’s prosperity and long-term stability. The United States and Tunisia signed a Customs Mutual Assistance Agreement and agreement to implement the Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Act in 2019, a Science and Technology Agreement in 2014, a Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA) in 2002, a Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) in 1990, and a Tax Convention in 1989. In addition, the two countries launched a high-level Joint Economic Commission (JEC) in 2016. The U.S. government continues to support Tunisia’s efforts to attract foreign investment.

Today, the U.S. embassy is located in Tunis.

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