Passports and Identification

These items include passports and other types of identification used by diplomats in their daily work.

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    Sheldon Whitehouse's 1914 Diplomatic Passport

    Sheldon Whitehouse, a career Foreign Service Officer, used this Special Passport to travel to his post at the U.S. Legation for Greece and Montenegro. It was issued on June 30, 1914, just as war was about to break out in Europe. Whitehouse used this passport from 1914 to 1918. It is stamped…

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    Passport issued to David Hinckley

    Rufus King, then American minister to Great Britain, issued this 1798 passport to David Hinckley, a wealthy Boston merchant who traveled frequently to London on business. It is the oldest in the museum’s collection and also one of the more intriguing. Corsairs of the Barbary states had captured David Hinckley in the…