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    A brief public summary statement issued following important bilateral or multilateral meetings.

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    An effort to achieve agreement and, it is hoped, increased goodwill between two opposed parties.

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    An agreement between two or more states, often concerning matters of common interest such as commerce.

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    Country desk

    The Department of State has an office for each country with whom the U.S. shares diplomatic relations. These offices are often called country desks, and if a large country is involved, the desk is likely to be staffed by a large number of officers. A smaller country may require a one-officer desk only.

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    Chief of Mission

    Usually called an ambassador, this is the ranking officer in an embassy or permanent mission and the personal representative of the head of state of his/her nation.

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    Country team

    An interagency group made up of the heads of each State Department section in the embassy and the heads of the other U.S. government agencies represented at post. The country team meeting represents a regular occasion for the sharing of information among sections and agencies, and an opportunity to coordinate activities.

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    Child Marriage

    The protection of human rights was a fundamental principle in the creation of the United States over 200 years ago. Since then, promoting respect for…

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    Climate Change

    The United States Special Envoy for Climate Change reports directly to the Secretary of State. As the administration’s chief climate negotiator, the special envoy plays a central role in…

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    Conflict Diamonds

    The Department of State, through the Office of Threat Finance Countermeasures, helps to coordinate the U.S. commitments to the Kimberley Process. Through its commitment to upholding the…

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    Clifton R. Wharton, Sr.

    Death April 25, 1990 Recognition/Achievement First African American Foreign Service Officer to become an Ambassador Role/Rank Ambassador Biography Clifton Wharton earned a master of law…