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    Written, official recognition of a consular officer issued by the government to which one is accredited

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    A diplomatic representative sent to another country on a mission

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    The diplomatic delegation from one country to another. Embassy is often used to refer to the chancery – containing the office of the chief of mission, or ambassador – and other buildings for the offices of diplomatic staff.

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    An embargo is an order of a government prohibiting the departure of commercial ships and other vehicles from its ports. It is a legal prohibition on commerce.

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    Emergency Action Plan

    Every Foreign Service post is required to have an operative Emergency Action Plan (EAP) with procedures in place to respond to emergencies such as natural disaster, civil unrest, a pandemic or mass casualties. The post EAP is a living document, updated on a continuous basis, and comprehensively reviewed once a year. Diplomatic missions are also required to run mock emergency training drills (usually, an intense two day session every two years) to test their capabilities and the relevance of their EAPs.

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    In the past a diplomatic minister who was accredited to a foreign government and who ranked between an ambassador and a resident minister was also called "envoy extraordinary". Today, the term is generally synonymous with diplomat, or in the case of a Special Envoy, a person sent to deal with a specific issue.

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    The collection of classified or secret information by a foreign individual for his or her native government or governmental agency.

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    The legal process by which an accused or confirmed criminal is transferred from one country to another. Generally, treaties signed between governments determine the precise requirements, rules, and exemptions for transferring suspected criminals from one sovereign legal authority to another.

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    The formal deportation of a diplomat, often as a form of protest against the diplomat’s home country or as a result of actions by the diplomat, such as espionage.

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    Environmental Conservation

    The Department of State understands the importance of conserving and sustaining marine species by preserving their habitat. The Department’s Office of Oceans and Polar Affairs develops practical…