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    What Are Treaties and Alliances?

    Treaties and alliances are two ways the United States formalizes agreements with other countries and international organizations. Treaties are written agreements between nations or between…

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    International Wildlife Trafficking: Plight of the Pangolins

    Customs officials at the border between the countries of Keneselles and Trangalia have reportedly intercepted a large shipment of pangolins. Coveted for their meat and scales, the mammals face endangerment and extinction because of illegal trafficking in the region.

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    Counterfeit Trade: High Cost of Cheap Goods

    A deadly factory fire in Grenesia has made international headlines, focusing attention on poor working conditions in that country. Since the incident, scrutiny has spread to other factories in the region, which are mostly concentrated at the border between Grenesia and Ekara. This scrutiny has also uncovered possible violations of intellectual property…