Contribute to the Collection

The National Museum of American Diplomacy is actively seeking artifacts that represent American diplomacy and the work of the United States Department of State. These artifacts can come from a variety of individuals and sources. Anyone currently or previously working in a diplomatic capacity might have objects that could be a good fit for our collection. If you have items you might be interested in donating, please email us for more information.

Specific areas of collecting interest include (but are not limited to) objects which illustrate the following:

  • Diplomat’s work on the range of global issues today, including examples from programs and partnerships
  • The challenges diplomats face while performing their jobs (security; health; communications; transportation)
  • The unique relationships and connections made through diplomacy
  • Diplomatic events, people, and places throughout U.S. history
  • The wide range of work performed at embassies, consulates, and missions
  • Tools, equipment, and clothing representing diplomatic efforts
  • And of course documents, pens, and diplomatic gifts

The museum collects primarily for exhibition purposes; NMAD is not a research collection nor an archives.  Acceptance of an artifact does not guarantee exhibition for any length of time.  However, the museum strives to display as much of its collection as possible, either in-person or online.

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Artifact Donor Spotlight: U.S. Ambassador John Limbert
Ambassador John W. Limbert is a former diplomat and American hostage during the takeover of the U.S. embassy Iran in 1979. Ambassador Limbert and other Americans at the embassy were held captive for 14 months, and among the hardships, also contended with not having a change of clothes. The items he wore during the 444 days are now part of the our collection, and include a pair of sandals given to him by his captors.