Holbrooke and other diplomats sitting and talking around a map

Diplomacy After Hours: The 25th Anniversary of the Dayton Accords

5:00 pm


2020 marked the 25th anniversary of the Dayton Accords, a historic diplomatic achievement that ended the war in Bosnia.

NMAD’s former Director Mary Kane and Public Historian Dr. Alison Mann hosted a conversation with Ambassador Christopher Hill and Dayton City Commissioner Matt Joseph, where they discussed their first-hand experiences of the negotiations.

Together, they told the story of the tragic war in Bosnia, U.S. involvement, and the diplomats who worked to find a peaceful resolution. Part of that peaceful resolution was closed-door, high-profile peace talks in Dayton, Ohio. Meet the diplomats and learn the story of the Dayton Peace Accords through the timestamps below.

Explore event highlights through the below timestamps

  • Who were some of the diplomats involved in the Dayton Peace Accords? 2:14
  • What was the dynamic in the Balkans before the war in Bosnia broke out? 5:02
  • At what point were more diplomatic solutions brought to the table to be discussed? 11:44
  • What were a few skills of diplomacy that Ambassador Frasure and Holbrooke embodied? 21:18
  • How did diplomats attempt to manage the personalities, concerns, and demands of the Balkan leaders? 26:49
  • Why did American diplomats choose Dayton, Ohio as the location for peace talks? 28:32 
  • What were the tools that diplomats had to use in the negotiations? 30:26
  • What was the long-term impact of the Dayton Accords? 37:33
  • What was the impact of the Accords on the city of Dayton and the cities in the Balkans? 47:27

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