fulbright teacher diplomacy classroom

Diplomacy Classroom: The Fulbright Teacher Exchange Experience

1:00 pm


This Diplomacy Classroom, NMAD celebrated the Fulbright Teacher Program in honor of its 75th anniversary. With our guest from the Teacher Exchange Branch in the Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, Kayla Gatalica, we discussed the mission of the Fulbright Teacher Exchange Program and the impact it has on teachers and students in the United States and around the world. We explored how teachers can take advantage of exchange opportunities and become diplomats, inspiring a global outlook and global competence in their students. Turtle Haste, a Teacher Exchange alumna who traveled to the Republic of Georgia joined us to close out the discussion to reflect on her experiences in Ghana and Georgia. Learn more about this long-standing exchange program through the timestamps below:

  • When was the Fulbright Exchange created? 3:12
  • What is the Fulbright Exchange Program today? 8:59
  • Meet a Fulbright Exchange alumnus: 17:00
  • How do alumni experiences abroad connect to classrooms in the United States? 21:12
  • How do you bring diplomacy into the science classroom? 26:14

Watch Diplomacy Classroom: The Fulbright Teacher Exchange Experience