Building a New National Museum

Located at the U.S. Department of State in Washington, D.C., the National Museum of American Diplomacy is a public-private partnership between the State Department and the Diplomacy Center Foundation.

The new museum will testify to the value and power of peaceful negotiations and diplomatic ventures for Americans at home and citizens throughout the world. It also will explore the numerous paths to becoming a diplomat, and demonstrate how diplomatic negotiations require respect and empathy for success.

Discover a few featured exhibits from each hall below.

The Discover Diplomacy hall introduces visitors to the principles of diplomacy and the people, places, and issues that are crucial to the work of diplomacy today.

Theatre stylistic and atmospheric

The Orientation Theatre: A multi-screen theater featuring film that will prompt a sense of excitement and curiosity. What is diplomacy? Who practices diplomacy?  Why does diplomacy matter to me?

Life Size world map with interactives

Diplomacy is Everywhere: Each nation that maintains official diplomatic ties with the United States is unique, and has an interesting history.

Selfie location with speakers podium official looking

The Spokesperson’s Podium, from which official spokespeople for the U.S. Department of State deliver updates on foreign policy priorities, will feature recent acquisitions from the CBS drama series Madam Secretary. 


In the History of American Diplomacy hall visitors will see that diplomacy is, and always has been, dynamic, intensely engaging, and often dangerous work.

Hall 2 Great Seal and other artifacts

Come face-to-face with the actual Great Seal, America’s official signature, which is still in use today to authenticate treaties.

Pirate themed gallery with films and interactive table

Explore how the story of the Barbary Pirates demonstrates the role American diplomacy played in promoting security, prosperity, and free trade in the early 18th century.

Cold War Gallery featuring Vietnam

Become immersed in the Cold War, and explore diplomatic relations around the world during this volatile period.

The Art of Diplomacy hall invites visitors to develop their diplomatic skills through exciting exhibits and interactive experiences.

Hall 3 Theater with 20 students interacting with large screen in front

Be A Diplomat by role-playing in a historical scenario and practicing your diplomacy strategy skills.

artifact gallery including Operations Center and watch floor

Experience the Operations Center, the State Department’s crisis management unit, with immersive real events such as the 1979 Iran Hostage Crisis.

Hall 3 gift vault with many artifacts

Wander through the Gift Vault to see actual gifts foreign nations have presented to Secretaries of State.

The Founding Ambassadors Concourse hall is a dynamic space for students, special programs, and exhibits.  It also offers visitor amenities.

Hall Four featuring exhibit and berlin wall

View the “Signature Segment” of the Berlin Wall, once a symbol of division, now a symbol of the power of diplomacy.

Speaker in front of monitor with fancy gala in front

The National Museum of American Diplomacy already boasts robust activities, including scholarly panels, special events, and a space for education programs.