Refugee Assistance

The Department of State’s Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration provides aid and sustainable solutions for refugees—such as the Sudanese woman mentioned above. It assists victims of conflict and stateless people around the world, by helping them return home, integrate into local communities, or resettle in the United States.

A woman sits in the shade of a transit tent in the port city of Juba on the White Nile, surrounded by her worldly possessions and eight children. The woman and her family are a symbol of the hope and challenges facing south Sudan as it embarks on its journey of independence. A refugee fleeing the war-torn area, she had arrived a week earlier by barge from Khartoum, where she had lived for decades with her now-deceased husband.

With family roots in the south, she responded to the January referendum that overwhelmingly approved independence for the region by loading her children and furniture on a barge and heading south. When she arrived in Juba, she kissed the ground and sang songs of praise all night. But now she worries about the future. This woman, like many other refugees, hopes that her future will be brighter. But she knows that the road ahead is long and hard.