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The National Museum of American Diplomacy (NMAD) is the country’s first museum and education center dedicated to telling the story of American diplomacy.  It will focus on diplomacy’s role in promoting our national security, prosperity, and global leadership. Visitors can explore what diplomacy is, who does it, and how it has impacted American lives throughout history.

The National Museum of American Diplomacy is non-partisan. It is made possible through public-private partnerships, including one with the Diplomacy Center Foundation.  The non-profit Foundation is leading a capital campaign to secure funds to expand and complete the museum.

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Jane Carpenter-Rock, Acting Director

Jane Carpenter-Rock joined the National Museum of American Diplomacy in July 2018 as Deputy Director for Museum Content and is currently serving as the Acting Director. She was previously Deputy Director in the Office of Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs in the Bureau of African Affairs.

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Hilary Brandt, Deputy Director

Hilary Brandt is the Deputy Director for Management at the National Museum of American Diplomacy. She oversees the museum’s budget, contracting, strategic planning, technology, and communications.

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