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    Decorated Pillowcase from Jonestown

    U.S. diplomats at posts around the world provide consular services to Americans living and working abroad as a core part of their mission. Sometimes that work is especially tragic, challenging, and dangerous. In 1978, officials from the U.S. Embassy in Guyana were making periodic consular visits to The Peoples Temple settlement, known…

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    Ambassador Harper’s Moccasins

    In 2014, Keith M. Harper became the first Native American to be named a U.S. ambassador to the UN Human Rights Council. A citizen of the Cherokee Nation, Harper served as the U.S. Permanent Representative to the UN Human Rights Council until 2017. These moccasins were a gift to him from his…

  • Story of Diplomacy

    The Declaration Heard ‘Round the World

    The 1776 Declaration of Independence is one of the most universally well-known historical documents. American diplomats continue to promote the democratic values enshrined in its…

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    National Federation of the Blind Award

    The National Federal of the Blind of Illinois awarded Avraham (Rami) Rabby this award in 2018, recognizing the success of his advocacy on several issues impacting blind people. These included recognition of White Cane Safety Day and passing white cane legislation. White canes are commonly used by people with low or no…

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    Avraham Rabby’s White Cane

    This foldable white cane belonged to Avraham (Rami) Rabby, who was a lifelong advocate for the rights of those with disabilities, particularly vision loss. Canes like this one are commonly used by people with low or no vision to identify themselves and to help safely navigate on foot. Rabby was completely blind,…