Immerse students in the world of American diplomacy

NMAD’s Diplomacy Simulations immerse middle school, high school, and college students in skill-building role-plays based on real-world scenarios developed by diplomats and historians. During a Diplomacy Simulation, students practice collaborating with people who have diverse values, interests, and perspectives to reach a mutually beneficial outcome.


Historical Diplomacy Simulations

Produced by NMAD as part of an Una Chapman Cox Foundation project to educate the public about American diplomacy and the U.S. Foreign Service.

More Diplomacy Simulations

You negotiate everyday with your siblings, with your roommate, with your parents, to get something you want. So I think this is just applying it to more of an international and diplomatic spectrum and I think I will keep this for the rest of my life.

Sabrina, Washington Center Student, October 2018


Amina discusses tactics with a group of students

It was a wonderful experience, doing the simulation really gave me a view of what global trade and negotiating trade between countries is like. It was a lot of fun setting goals and negotiating with others to meet those goals.

Elliot, Washington Center Student, October 2018


One female student addresses the group.

You have to learn how to be patient and understanding with dealing with other people and realizing their ideas…today was really important for honing those skills.

Amina, Washington Center, October 2018


How to Produce a Virtual Diplomacy Simulation

The following instructions outline the steps to produce and lead a virtual simulation using the NMAD Diplomacy Simulation Program. A 120-minute program works best, although organizers may expand or minimize the time.

virtual diplomacy simulation zoom

Facilitator Slideshow Presentations

These curated slideshow presentations are resources for educators and facilitators to teach about diplomacy, the State Department, and to provide an introduction to our Diplomacy Simulations.

what is the u.s. department of state

What is the State Department?

Who works at the State Department? What does the State Department do? This Google Slides presentation offers an overview of the institution.

What is Diplomacy slide deck

What is Diplomacy?

What is diplomacy? Who conducts diplomacy? This Google Slides presentation offers an introduction to the concept of diplomacy.

Diplomacy Simulation Introduction slide deck

Diplomacy Simulation Introduction

How do you conduct one of our Diplomacy Simulations? This Google Slides presentation offers an overview of the structure, roles, tasks, and best practices.

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