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The National Museum of American Diplomacy Education Program connects high school and college students with the world of American diplomacy, increasing their understanding of diplomacy and inspiring them to be involved in foreign affairs.


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One of three students speak at a table at a simulation.

You negotiate everyday with your siblings, with your roommate, with your parents, to get something you want. So I think this is just applying it to more of an international and diplomatic spectrum and I think I will keep this for the rest of my life.

Sabrina, Washington Center Student, October 2018


Amina discusses tactics with a group of students

It was a wonderful experience, doing the simulation really gave me a view of what global trade and negotiating trade between countries is like. It was a lot of fun setting goals and negotiating with others to meet those goals.

Elliot, Washington Center Student, October 2018


One female student addresses the group.

You have to learn how to be patient and understanding with dealing with other people and realizing their ideas…today was really important for honing those skills.

Amina, Washington Center, October 2018


Educator Materials

Everything you need to conduct a simulation in your own classroom. These are hands-on exercises that allow students and teachers to experience what it is like to be a diplomat while grappling with complex foreign affairs topics.

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Facilitator Support

Click for instructional videos, a downloadable teacher guide, and sample simulations by other educators.

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Free Downloadable Materials

In our ten diplomacy simulations, students negotiate global challenges ranging from migration to wildlife trafficking.

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Topical Expert Videos

Short, digestable videos from experts in the field to aid discussion and exploration of a topic.

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