photo collage of three different historic events

How to Teach History through Diplomacy Simulations

1:00 pm


NMAD has launched three historical Diplomacy Simulations!

These simulations engage participants in the art and practice of diplomacy while also introducing the contributions of the State Department and U.S. diplomats in the context of a historical event. NMAD Education Program Specialist Lauren Fischer introduced the basics of diplomacy simulations while Education Analyst Elizabeth Gearhart gave an overview of each Historical Diplomacy Simulation.

We encourage you to explore the free, new materials and hope they will make a great addition to your school year plans!

Learn how to bring simulations into your class through the timestamps

  • What are the National Museum of American Diplomacy simulations? 5:20
  • Why bring diplomacy into the classroom? 7:14
  • How do I facilitate a virtual diplomacy simulation? 8:29
  • How does NMAD introduce the idea of diplomacy to students? 10:53
  • Why should I use the Historical Diplomacy Simulations? 17:10
  • The Barbary Pirates Hostage Crisis: Negotiating Tribute and Trade: 18:29
  • The Spanish and American Conflict of 1898: Treaties and Self Determination: 19:52
  • The Suez Canal Crisis: National Sovereignty versus International Access to Waterways: 21:02

Watch How to Teach History through Diplomacy Simulations