Secretary Christopher’s Trip Binder

United States 1995

In early August 1995, U.S Secretary of State Warren Christopher (1993-1997) traveled to Malaysia, Cambodia, and Vietnam. This binder contained information which helped Secretary Christopher prepare for events and meetings during the trip. In Malaysia, he discussed the effects of the Bosnian conflict on Muslims with the Prime Minister and signed commercial and educational exchange agreements. In Cambodia, he met with the king and senior Cambodian officials and signed several agreements. The trip was capped with the visit to Vietnam, where Secretary Christopher signed agreements normalizing relations with Vietnam and opened a new U.S. Embassy, the first since the U.S. evacuated and closed its embassy in 1975.

  • Source/Credit: Collections of the National Museum of American Diplomacy
  • Catalog Number: 2006.0011.02
  • Created: 1995
  • Acquired: 2006

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