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    Poster for Pres. Clinton’s Visit to Berlin

    In July 1994, President Bill Clinton visited Germany. More than four years after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, Germany as a whole and the city of Berlin had been fully reunified. Clinton spoke in front of the Brandenburg Gate, where in 1987 President Reagan had famously called for Soviet…

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    Inscribed Plate from Jehan Sadat

    In September 1978, U.S. President Jimmy Carter invited Egypt’s President Anwar Sadat and Israel’s Prime Minister Menachem Begin to the United States for peace negotiations. It would result in the historic Camp David Accords, bringing peace between the two countries. In the runup to that meeting, Esther Coopersmith, a well-known Washington, DC…

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    Decorated Pillowcase from Jonestown

    U.S. diplomats at posts around the world provide consular services to Americans living and working abroad as a core part of their mission. Sometimes that work is especially tragic, challenging, and dangerous. In 1978, officials from the U.S. Embassy in Guyana were making periodic consular visits to The Peoples Temple settlement, known…

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    Preserving our Oldest Gift to a Secretary of State

    Preserving our collection is one of NMAD’s top priorities. Recently, NMAD restored the oldest diplomatic gift we have: a book given to Secretary of State John Hay in 1901.

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    The Declaration Heard ‘Round the World

    The 1776 Declaration of Independence is one of the most universally well-known historical documents. American diplomats continue to promote the democratic values enshrined in its…