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    International Wildlife Trafficking: Plight of the Pangolins

    Customs officials at the border between the countries of Keneselles and Trangalia have reportedly intercepted a large shipment of pangolins. Coveted for their meat and scales, the mammals face endangerment and extinction because of illegal trafficking in the region.

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    Peacebuilding: The Challenge of Darfur

    In 2003 a rebellion broke out in the western region of Sudan known as Darfur. It is now 2009. To mediate the conflict, a summit has been called with representatives from the non-governmental organization community, the African Union, the United Nations, and the countries of Sudan, China, and the United States.

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    International Nuclear Crisis: Non-Proliferation and National Security

    The country of Aggravalia appears to have embarked on a nuclear weapons program. Called to the negotiating table are Aggravalia, its neighbors Terranova and Landesia, the United States, the International Atomic Energy Agency, and Professionals Engaged Against Conflict Escalation.

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    International Migration Crisis: Human Rights and Border Security

    The country of Budan has passed a law forbidding the Rubits, a minority group, to worship according to their traditions. Sympathetic to the Rubits, the Gilbian government has allowed them to remain and provided some basic assistance, but Gilbia does not have the resources to care for the growing number of people…

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    HIV/AIDS Crisis: Global Health and Development

    An increasing number of HIV/AIDS cases are appearing in the country of Daymar. Officials in Daymar blame the neighboring country of Lateen, which sends migrant workers into Daymar. As a result, Daymar’s government has threatened to close its border with Lateen. The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV and AIDS has called…

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    Freshwater Crisis: Energy Security and Economic Growth

    The neighboring countries of Yeeland and Grusa share a freshwater lake that is home to the Lauret crane, an endangered species and major tourist attraction. Yeeland is constructing a hydroelectric dam to provide it with a much-needed power source. However, Grusa fears the dam will affect the lake’s water levels, harming the…