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    Secretary Christopher’s Briefcase

    This briefcase belonged to U.S. Secretary of State Warren Christopher (1993-1997) and was used by him during his travels while he was in office. It bears a tag from Secretary Christopher’s trip accompanying President Bill Clinton to Moscow, Russia, for a summit meeting and Kiev, Ukraine for a State visit from May…

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    Ledger of Passport Renewals, USSR

    This State Department ledger records information about the issuance and renewal of passports for Americans living in or traveling to the Soviet Union (USSR), including details of specific individuals' cases, dating from 1926 through the late 1930s. The case of Robert N. Robinson, an African American engineer who ended up trapped in…

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    Her Diplomacy: Women’s History Month Program

    March 22, 2023

    330 21st St NW, Washington, DC 20006

    Celebrate Women’s History Month with NMAD! Join us on Wednesday, March 22, from 12:00 to 2:00 pm EDT for an afternoon of programming featuring our current temporary exhibit, Her Diplomacy.

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    How Secretary Albright Advocated to Expand NATO

    Secretary Madeleine Albright was a trailblazer as the first woman Secretary of State. One of her most significant accomplishments was helping to expand NATO to include more countries in the 1990s. Why was expanding NATO so important to global security? And what role did Secretary Albright play in achieving this diplomatic milestone?

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    U.S. Flag from Embassy Havana

    The U.S. and Cuba re-established official diplomatic relations on July 20, 2015, and U.S. Embassy Havana was officially reopened on August 14, 2015, by Secretary of State John Kerry. During the reopening ceremony, this U.S. flag was handed off by the last Marines to serve at U.S. Embassy Havana in 1961 to…

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    Sculpture of a Flower Vendor

    Sculpture of a flower vendor in wood and silver. Gift to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from Peruvian President Ollanta Humala in October 2012, on the occasion of Clinton's visit to Peru.

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    Handkerchief Letter

    Cuban medical professional and human rights activist Óscar Elías Biscet wrote this letter to U.S. President Barack Obama in 2009 while serving a 25 year prison sentence for his public support of human rights in Cuba. It is written on a cloth handkerchief. Biscet was released in 2011 after appeals from the…

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    Silk Shawl & Silver Rice Container

    Ornately decorated rice container with inscription and silk shawl decorated with silkworm cocoons along the fringe. During a July 2012 meeting, these were received by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as a gift from Laotian Foreign Minister Thongloun Sisoulith. The inscription on the rice container reads: "Souvenir from H.E. Dr. Thongloun SISOULITH,…

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    Lidded Silver Chalice

    This silver chalice with green cabochon gemstones was given to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by the Burmese Minister of Foreign Affairs during a meeting a the State Department in May 2012.

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    Charred Great Seal

    Protesters in Belgrade, Serbia, attacked and set fire to the U.S. embassy on February 21, 2008, in response to U.S. support for Kosovo's independence. A large rally of Serbs, vowing to retake the neighboring territory which is viewed as Serbia's religious and national heartland, preceded the attack on the embassy. This seal, which…