Continuity and Change Over Time

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Analyzing how people, ideas, systems, groups, events, and things change over time is a valuable skill for understanding the past, present, and future. In this activity, students will analyze two objects from NMAD’s collection. These objects are from different time periods and have similarities and differences. Students are asked to compare and contrast these objects in this activity.

Activity Instructions:

  1. Review the paired objects and descriptions for each theme. Note that the theme of the two objects correlate with a Foundations of Diplomacy video, noted in the speaker notes. Select an object pair for students to analyze and share the corresponding Foundations of Diplomacy video.
  2. Review the three different suggested task templates in slides 4 through 6 and select which task to use with your students.
  3. Watch the Foundations of Diplomacy selected video.
  4. Display the objects and the descriptions to the class or pass out a hard copy. Ask students to respond to the selected activity prompts using a print out of the slides or their own hard copy.

Grades: Secondary (6-12)