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    Jailed Abroad

    Did you know that in the 1970s over 400 Americans were jailed abroad? U.S. Ambassadors in regions such as Morocco and Lebanon at that time…

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    John Jay

    Born in 1745, John Jay showed great promise at a very young age, entering King's College (now Columbia University) at age fourteen. He graduated with highest honors in 1764 and was admitted to the bar to practice law in New York in 1768. As one of the most prominent members of the…

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    John Quincy Adams

    Role/rank Minister, Secretary of State, President Recognition/Achievement Negotiated the Treaty of Ghent, Wrote the Monroe Doctrine Biography John Quincy Adams embarked on his first diplomatic mission at…

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    John Foster Dulles

    Death May 24, 1959 Recognition/Achievement First Secretary of State to hold regular press conferences Role/Rank Secretary of State Biography Grandson of one Secretary of State…