International Education Week diplomacy simulation group

Celebrate International Education Week with NMAD

We at the National Museum of American Diplomacy are excited to celebrate International Education Week November 15-19, 2021. Our mission is to share with teachers and students NMAD’s education resources specially designed to support the development of diplomatic skills, strengthen global competencies and equip students to tackle 21st-century challenges. Our educational materials help students discover the context and complexity of international issues and the role that American diplomacy plays in fostering relationships with countries and people all over the world in support of our national interests. Resources include:

International Education Week diplomacy simulation group
In celebration of International Education Week, the National Museum of American Diplomacy hosted leaders from Pakistan participating in the U.S. Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) for a diplomacy simulation program on November 20, 2019. Photo courtesy of the National Museum of American Diplomacy.

1. Diplomacy Simulation Program

Using our 13 hands-on diplomacy simulations, students can take on the role of a diplomat by negotiating historical and contemporary global challenges ranging from migration to wildlife trafficking to international waterways.

2. Diplomacy 101

This web-based resource answers frequently asked questions about diplomacy.

3. Diplomacy Classroom

This is our ongoing program for teachers that examines a historic event or contemporary issue on which diplomats work. Be on the lookout for upcoming Classrooms on our website

4. Discussion Questions and Activities

These are questions and activities that educators can explore with students that are divided into eight general categories in alignment with the U.S. National Social Studies Standards. 

5. Online Exhibits

Visitors to our online exhibits can explore stories of American diplomacy through never-before-seen videos, original photos, oral histories, and artifacts from our collection.

Diplomacy Simulation International Education
Students in the Benjamin Franklin Transatlantic Fellowship Summer Institute took part in diplomacy simulations on July 11, 2018. Photo courtesy of the National Museum of American Diplomacy.

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