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Diplomacy Classroom: The Declaration Heard ‘Round the World

1:00 PM


To celebrate the 4th of July, NMAD welcomed the Museum of the American Revolution’s President and CEO, Dr. R. Scott Stevenson. With NMAD’s Public Historian Dr. Alison Mann, they discussed the United States Declaration of Independence and what it meant to the global community– including Native American nations– in 1776. 

Scott guided us through a virtual tour of the Museum of the American Revolution, where we learned how the people in North America were or were not represented by the Declaration of Independence. Alison gave a new perspective on the Declaration of Independence. Which countries immediately accepted and recognized this new American independence, and which were more hesitant?

Get the highlights of the conversation through the timestamps below: 

  • Introduction to the Museum of the American Revolution: 6:13
  • How did the Declaration impact the native nations? 15:58
  • What is another way to understand the Declaration of Independence as an international document? 23:08
  • What is sovereignty? 26:25
  • How did other countries outside of North America react to the Declaration of Independence? 27:24
  • Haitian independence: 31:35
  • Venezuelan independence: 33:53
  • Liberian independence: 35:23
  • Vietnamese independence: 37:29
  • Kosovo independence: 39:44

Watch The Declaration Heard ‘Round the World