Avraham Rabby’s White Cane

United States late 20th century

This foldable white cane belonged to Avraham (Rami) Rabby, who was a lifelong advocate for the rights of those with disabilities, particularly vision loss. Canes like this one are commonly used by people with low or no vision to identify themselves and to help safely navigate on foot. Rabby was completely blind, having lost his sight as a child due to detached retinas. He also served as a diplomat in the U.S. Foreign Service for 17 years, a job he had to fight for. He used his skills as an advocate to persuasively argue that he – and other blind people – could serve effectively as diplomats. After several years, Rami and others finally succeeded in forcing change.

  • Source/Credit: Gift of the Rabby Family
  • Catalog Number: 2022.0007.11
  • Created: late 20th century
  • Acquired: 2022

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a graphic with Rabby typing on a braille machine, a braille globe, and a book that says take charge, with braille in the background that says world braille day


Seeing the World Differently

This lesson plan explores Avraham Rabby’s advocacy for blind U.S. Foreign Service Officers, highlighting his efforts in promoting equal access for all, regardless of their disability.

Download the Lesson Plan