Diplomatic Courier’s Overnight Bag

United States c. 1972

U.S. Diplomatic Couriers are some of the most traveled people in the world. They’re responsible for ensuring that classified materials are safely and securely transported across international borders. Without their hard work, U.S. missions and consulates couldn’t function. Few objects in our collection illustrate the breadth and frequency of a diplomatic courier’s travel better than this personal overnight bag carried by courier Walter M.K. “Mick” Miller from 1972-1987. There are about 4,000 luggage tags still attached to the bag. During his 33 year career as a courier, Miller was assigned to every one of the State Department's regional courier offices across the world.

  • Source/Credit: Gift of Walter "Mick" Miller
  • Catalog Number: 2004.0003.01
  • Created: c. 1972
  • Acquired: 2004

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