New Artifact Acquisitions

Artifacts are powerful storytelling tools that will shed light on the work and history of our nation’s diplomats that may otherwise go unnoticed by the general public. At over 8,000 items, the collection reflects a wide range of people, places, and issues that make up our nation’s rich diplomatic history. Here is a spotlight on a few of the stories the items in our collection tell.

Remembrance, Reflection, Resilience
Remembrance, Reflection, Resilience 150 150

Remembrance, Reflection, Resilience Twenty years ago on a summer morning, two U.S. embassies in Africa fell victim to coordinated and nearly simultaneous truck bombs – later linked to the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda. Fifty-six U.S. government employees, contractors, and family members were killed. From the ashes, countless survivors pulled together and rebuilt strengthened and resilient communities.…

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2019 Collections Highlights 4 photos Diplomacy never sleeps nor takes a day off. To maintain 24/7 worldwide communications, the Department of State has an Operations Center staffed by highly skilled diplomats and crisis management experts to meet any worldwide challenge. This included monitoring the launches and returns of NASA Space Shuttles. During this era, as…

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