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The National Museum of American Diplomacy Launches New, Expanded Website

On November 16, 2022, the National Museum of American Diplomacy launched a redesigned website with a suite of new features. The new site will allow the museum to grow and meet the needs of our expanding online visitors. It will provide a platform for future interactive content and hybrid programming as the museum gears up to open its physical doors to the public in the coming years.

The site includes a new searchable collections database, which currently contains a curated selection of 200+ items. Other additions include a filterable teacher resources database, a new “Discover Diplomacy” introduction to diplomacy, and a diplomatic encyclopedia.

Explore the Searchable Collections Database

Website visitors can now view over 200 items in the museum’s collection—a small selection of the over 10,000 items stored in our vault.

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With these new item pages, users can zoom in on images and discover the stories behind the items. Through these items, the museum shares the work of diplomacy in a unique way. The museum will continue to add items from its collection to the website over time. 

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Discover Periods and Topics in Diplomacy

Diplomacy is an enormous topic. How does one introduce the history, practice, and challenges of diplomacy? In the website’s new “Discover Diplomacy” section, we dive into some periods and topics of diplomacy. 

This ever-growing section includes pages on three periods: “Revolutionary Diplomacy,” “Civil War and Reconstruction Era,” and “Cold War Diplomacy.” We also discuss four topics related to diplomacy: “Climate and Environment,” “Trade and Commerce,” “Human Rights and Democracy,” and “Cultural, Educational, and Sports Diplomacy.” The museum will continue to add periods and topics for users to explore on this section of the site.

Play with Interactive Components

Visitors will also notice the ability to interact with the website in new ways. Throughout the site, the museum will be incorporating quizzes and diplomatic scenarios. Through these interactive features, visitors can test their knowledge and play the role of a diplomat.

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The site also includes exciting ways to interact with our collection. On the homepage, users can slide between items, clicking the “eyes” to discover images, videos, and stories behind the object. These features allow us to show users that diplomacy is more than what meets the eye—there is a world of information to discover.

Browse the Diplomatic Encyclopedia

What are common terms used in the world of diplomacy? Our diplomatic encyclopedia allows people to dive into the terms, people, places, and practices of diplomacy. 

Search the Teacher Resources Database

We are proud of our collection of educational resources, including our popular diplomacy simulations. The new website includes a searchable, filterable database of resources for teachers that can accommodate our growing collection.

Between now and the spring of 2023, the museum will be adding a suite of new educational videos and classroom activities to this database. Stay tuned for updates as we develop these resources. In the meantime, browse our 13 diplomacy simulations and check out our new video about Object-Based Learning.

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Interact with Online Exhibits and Stories of Diplomacy

The museum already has rich online exhibits that help tell the story of diplomacy. With enhanced search engine optimization (SEO), the website will draw more visitors to such exhibits.

The website also puts a renewed focus on the stories of diplomacy throughout the site. Our focus on storytelling reminds visitors that people are at the center of diplomacy.

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