Interwar Period and WWII (1919-1945)

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  • Story of Diplomacy

    The Declaration Heard ‘Round the World

    The 1776 Declaration of Independence is one of the most universally well-known historical documents. American diplomats continue to promote the democratic values enshrined in its…

  • Item

    Ledger of Passport Renewals, USSR

    This State Department ledger records information about the issuance and renewal of passports for Americans living in or traveling to the Soviet Union (USSR), including details of specific individuals' cases, dating from 1926 through the late 1930s. The case of Robert N. Robinson, an African American engineer who ended up trapped in…

  • Public Program

    Her Diplomacy: Women’s History Month Program

    March 22, 2023

    In Person

    Celebrate Women’s History Month with NMAD! Join us on Wednesday, March 22, from 12:00 to 2:00 pm EDT for an afternoon of programming featuring our current temporary exhibit, Her Diplomacy.

  • Public Program

    Stuck Behind the Iron Curtain: Race, Citizenship, and Red Scares

    February 15, 2023

    In Person

    Join NMAD on February 15th to commemorate Black History Month through the story of Robert Robinson, a Black American who unwillingly spent 44 years in Soviet Russia. Bill Davis, a Black Foreign Service Officer, assisted in his repatriation.

  • Item

    Resident Officer Handbook

    “Resident Officer Handbook” given to U.S. Foreign Service Officers of the class of 1950, who were sent to Germany to aid in transitioning from the post-war U.S. Military government to a civilian German government.

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    Men’s Fedora

    Special Agent Frank J. Madden served with the State Department's Office of Security from January 1942 until 1971. He served on personal protective details for three U.S. Secretaries of State (Acheson, Dulles and Herter) and countless visits by high-level foreign dignitaries, such as the Shah of Iran and the King of Morocco.…

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    Photo of Near East Division's Christmas Party

    Taken on December 23, 1945, this is a staff photo of the Department of State’s Near East Division while they gathered for a Christmas party. Loy W. Henderson, who was known as “Mr. Foreign Service” during the latter part of his long career, is pictured in the front row third from right.…

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    Hulda Enebuske's Passport

    Issued to Hulda Ingejärd Enebuske (“Euebuske” on the passport) in April 1918, this passport lists her destination as France and the reason for her travel as “Service with Harvard Surgical Unit”. At the bottom left, under her physical description, her occupation is listed as “nurse” – which her photograph, in a nurse’s…