Interwar Period and WWII (1919-1945)

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    Resident Officer Handbook

    “Resident Officer Handbook” given to U.S. Foreign Service Officers of the class of 1950, who were sent to Germany to aid in transitioning from the post-war U.S. Military government to a civilian German government.

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    Men’s Fedora

    Special Agent Frank J. Madden served with the State Department's Office of Security from January 1942 until 1971. He served on personal protective details for three U.S. Secretaries of State (Acheson, Dulles and Herter) and countless visits by high-level foreign dignitaries, such as the Shah of Iran and the King of Morocco.…

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    Photo of Near East Division's Christmas Party

    Taken on December 23, 1945, this is a staff photo of the Department of State’s Near East Division while they gathered for a Christmas party. Loy W. Henderson, who was known as “Mr. Foreign Service” during the latter part of his long career, is pictured in the front row third from right.…

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    Hulda Enebuske's Passport

    Issued to Hulda Ingejärd Enebuske (“Euebuske” on the passport) in April 1918, this passport lists her destination as France and the reason for her travel as “Service with Harvard Surgical Unit”. At the bottom left, under her physical description, her occupation is listed as “nurse” – which her photograph, in a nurse’s…

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    A Legacy Remembered: Perspectives of the Marshall Plan

    April 3, 2018

    National Museum of American Diplomacy

    On August 7, 1998 two U.S. embassies in Africa fell victim to coordinated and nearly simultaneous truck bombs – later linked to the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda. NMAD commemorated this event 20 years later

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    Kellogg-Briand Pact Signing Pen

    This gold fountain pen was used by Secretary Kellogg and his 14 foreign counterparts to sign the Kellog-Briand Pact in France in August 1928, after having been gifted to U.S. Secretary of State Frank B. Kellogg by the Mayor of Le Havre, France. The ornate design includes an inscription in Latin: “Si…

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    Lucy Barnard Briggs' Passport

    Shortly after her marriage to American diplomat Ellis O. Briggs in May 1928, Lucy Barnard Briggs received this diplomatic passport and traveled with him to his post in Lima, Peru. After the birth of her children, their photos and personal details were appended to pages in this passport — as was the…

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    Constance Harvey's Medal of Freedom

    Constance Ray Harvey, one of the first women to become a Foreign Service Officer, voluntarily put herself in danger while serving as a diplomat in France during World War II. For her extraordinary efforts, she earned this Medal of Freedom—the predecessor of today’s Presidential Medal of Freedom.

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    “A Job Worth Training For” Pamphlet

    This circa 1950 publication distributed to U.S. Department of State employees emphasizes the importance of training in achieving the overall goals of the agency. Required training included: introduction to the Department for new employees, formal class instruction at FSI, on the job training by supervisors, intern programs, and counseling for outside educational…